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Class of Teen Girls in Gymnastics Routine
Stephen Holt (Cheering Instructor) is offering a combination of classes on Tuesday & Thursday evenings throughout the summer.
4 different classes in 2 consecutive individual 4 weeks sessions :
1st Session (July 3rd - July 26th) CANCELLED (Due to lack of sign-ups)
2nd Session (July 31 - August 23rd) CANCELLED (Due to lack of sign-ups)

  • Flyer's / Flexibility & Bases / Spotters technique

  • Jumps & Core Training

  • Motion / Dance Party

  • Creative Transition

For children ages 7 - 18!
Time: Tuesday & Thursday
               5:00pm & 5:45 pm

Class options include: 

Tuesday 5pm -  

  • Flyer's / flexibility and Bases/spotters technique 

THE main goal in this course is to increase flexibility and learn proper body position for both flyer's and bases while working with progression to advanced skills. As a GROUP, we will also condition and create muscle memory to ensure proper technique is being learned and maintained. Learn a fun stunt sequences and become a MASTER in no time!!! Fee: $35 for the 4 week session 

Tuesday 5:45pm

  • Jumps and core training 

THE main focus here is to improve height in your jumps while maintaining correct body position during a variety of jumps. We will work on keeping the chest in the correct place as well as teaching your body to point your toes without the everyday reminder!!! Learn a creative jump sequence and allow us to help you become an EXPERT today!                 Fee: $35 for the 4 week session 


Thursday 5pm -  

  • Motion/dance party 

LEARN a 5 eight count dance to help you master your motions, facials and attitude! With our fun and creative will be dancing your summer away! Add this dance to your repertoire and always have moves to bust out at the right time!! This could be the difference between the back of the formation and the front this upcoming season, don't miss out!

Fee: $35 for the 4 week session 


Thursday 5:45pm -  

  • Creative transitions 

WE will learn how to make transitions in a routine anything but choppy! We will focus on being clean but also add flow and style from section to section! We will show you how to add minor sass for a HUGE outcome! The little things count, sometimes it comes down to the spirit, smiles and overall appeal! Do you have what it takes?! Find out today!

Fee: $35 for the 4 week session 




Sign up for each session and take unlimited classes for $100 for all four weeks! That's right, only $100 for UNLIMITED classes in each session! 


I recommend signing up for both sessions. Teaches and allows consistency and progression happens most when training stays consistent!



On July 10-12th we will not have class as kids going to cheer camp are in Mass.! The classes will be made up, times TBD.

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